Bill 62 summarized

Bill 62 doesn’t propose any new driving rules. The existing Highway Traffic Act already has a long list of rules, including rules about unlicensed drivers, driving while intoxicated, driving while using a cell phone, speeding careless driving, disobeying signs or lights at intersections or pedestrian crossovers, proper signalling, sharing the road, safety near emergency vehicles, safely opening car doors, and other rules.

Bill 62 proposes that if you kill or hurt someone while breaking one of the existing rules, tougher penalties are applicable. A driver convicted of the offence is subject to the consequences for breaking the rule and would also be subject to a mandatory probation order.

The order will require the driver to take a driving instruction course and perform community service. The community service must include activity related to improving driving safety and public education on driving safety. Their drivers licence will be suspended during the probation. The driver must also attend the sentencing hearing. Victim impact statements may be presented during the sentencing hearing.

If the driver fails to comply with the probation order, the driver will be fined up to $50,000.