Vulnerable road users are folks who are walking, cycling or using wheelchairs, as well as construction and maintenance workers and emergency response personnel. We all share the transit infrastructure with heavy and fast-moving vehicles, and we all need more protection from aggressive or inattentive drivers.

Everyday folks

  • Children on their way to school.
  • Seniors navigating a crosswalk.
  • Shoppers visiting local businesses.

Walking to the parking lot, you are a vulnerable road user.

Deaths and injuries continue to rise. In 2016, 334 pedestrians were killed in Canada, up from 284 the year before. Source

Ontario’s largest city recorded a record-breaking number of deaths among vulnerable road users in 2018. Source

Almost 70% of all collisions involving vulnerable road users happen to folks using an intersection. Source (page 18)

77% of Toronto residents want more stop signs, traffic lights, crosswalks and photo radar to discourage bad drivers. More than 60% also want more speed bumps and lower speed limits. Source

There is no single fix. Instead, we need upgraded infrastructure, more education, and enhanced legislation.

Tell your MPP to make our streets safer for everyone – children, seniors, walkers, runners, cyclists, emergency and maintenance workers: vulnerable road users.