The most important action you can take is to contact your MPP. Write a letter, send an email, or make a phone call. Tell your MPP how important it is to protect vulnerable road users. Make sure that your MPP understands.

How do I find my MPP?

If you don’t know who your MPP is, start by finding out what riding you are in. You can check that information on the Elections Canada website.

Once you know your riding, consult the directory of MPPs at the website for the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

You can also use the Represent page at Open North to access the same information in a single step.

What do I say in a letter?

The more personal you can make your letter, the better. Add your own stories about why this legislation is important to you. Make sure to include your address and ask for a response. Here’s a sample letter:

Dear [MPP],

I am one of your constituents and I am very concerned about some of the bad driving behaviour that I’ve witnessed on the streets in my community. I’m scared that someone I know is going to be hurt or killed just by walking to the store. I want you to support strong common sense penalties for drivers who hurt or kill a vulnerable road user in Ontario.

Bill 62 will protect everyday people walking around the communities in our province. Everyone is a vulnerable road user at some point in every day, even if they’re just walking to the parking lot. Bill 62 would also protect cyclists, wheelchair users, and construction, maintenance, and emergency response workers on our streets and sidewalks.

Bill 62 includes tougher penalties like mandatory driver training and community service related to road safety. This is just common sense if a driver’s behaviour causes injury or death. Let’s make sure they’re better at driving before they get behind the wheel again!

I’d like you to write back and assure me that you will support Bill 62 and that you support all of us having more protection from bad drivers in Ontario.



[Your address]

Sample letter to your MPP supporting Bill 62.

When should I send it?

Right now! It only takes 10 minutes and it’s the most important action you can take.

What should I do once the letter is sent?

Tell your friends and family how important this is and ask them to send their own letters. Download one of the graphics from our Media page and post it on your social networks. #saferstreets #VRUL

Please share and spread the word!