Bad, distracted, and careless drivers who kill or maim vulnerable road users should no longer get a free pass.  For the victims and their families, justice is never seen to have been served when the only consequence facing these drivers is a small fine.  Until real and meaningful deterrence is established, bad drivers will continue their behavior and leave those not protected by two tons of steel, broken and killed in their wake.  As a society, it is time to make this change.  I am simply tired of explaining to these victims and the families of a lost loved one,  that unfortunately, that is how our system works.

J. Patrick Brown, Vulnerable Road Coalition, Past Chair and Director  Ontario Safety League, Past President of OTLA,  Initiated Coroners Review of Pedestrian and Cycling Death

It is my honour to re-introduce Bill 62, the Protecting Vulnerable Road Users Act. I am humbled to stand with victims and advocates against the senseless violence on our streets and roads. I thank everyone who has championed this bill and recognize the tireless work it has taken to bring it to this point. Whether walking, cycling, or in a car, we all deserve to arrive to our destination and back home to our families safely. Together lets ensure that not one more friend or loved one is killed or severely injured by careless drivers and dangerous conditions. We call on the government today to pass this bill into law and save lives.

Jessica Bell, MPP, University-Rosedale

There has been growing concern over the disproportionate number of seniors being killed as pedestrians on our roads since reported by the Coroner five years ago.  This is no longer acceptable.  It is for this reason that we passed a resolution (and have written the government) to have this law passed.  From time to time, the licences of seniors are taken on the grounds of road safety.  Is it to much to ask that someone who breaks the law and kills a senior out for a walk, to take a course in road safety and have their licence suspended until they do so.  I think not.

Bernard Jordaan, President of the United Senior Citizens of Ontario

It’s wonderfully gratifying to see MPP Jessica Bell re-introduce the Vulnerable Road User Bill that I tabled when I was in office. Long overdue, this Bill and other city actions are essential in stopping the carnage on our roads. As it stands our laws say more loudly than words could, that governments care more for cars than they do for lives. This is unacceptable. Just as we’ve come to see drinking and driving as a crime and not a lapse of good judgement, we need to see killing or maiming people in the same light. Operating a many ton vehicle is not a right, it is a responsibility. Let’s hope the Government sees it as their responsibility to make the changes necessary. Passing this Bill into law will most definitely save lives. I look forward to celebrating that good day!

Rev. Dr. Cheri Dinovo